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Venezuelan Lolita Brands

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Bal Des Ifs :

Foundation : 13 of March of 2014
Designer : Ani Perdomo 
Category : Clothes & Accesories 
Concept : Bal Des Ifs is the most important social event of the XVIII century in France , where the Versailles Palace looses its formal etiquette turning into a place worthy of a fairy tale . Bal Des Ifs as a brand represents joy , magic , glamor and beauty inside the Lolita Fashion ,it gets its inspiration with history , literature , and the art , bringing to reality a fragment of the fantasy world and being able to be the royal member that is inside of each girl . 
Public Target : people that love classic lolita , mori kei ,hime lolita , aesthetics of baroque , rococo and victorian age .
Facebook : Bal Des Ifs

Bloody Mary Accesories :

Foundation : November 25th of 2011
Designer : Andreina Cárdenas
Category : Accesories 
Concept : Bloody Mary is an urban legend of a woman that suddenly appears on the mirror if you call her name three times . Their accesories are inspired on neovictorian and gothic . The accesories that they create are : wristbands , necklaces , rings and hair clips . 
Public Target : People that have taste for EGA , victorian , gothic lolita , classic lolita and steampunk .

El Closet De Las Lolitas:

Foundation : 27 of march of 2010
Designer : 'Zara'Vanessa Luy
Category : Accesories
Concept : Classic 
Public Target : People that like Classic Lolita

Golden Windrose:

Foundation : 23rd of September of 2012
Designer : Isabel La Rosa
Category : Clothes and Accesories 
Concept : Everything is focused on this poetic phrase : " Is a trip full of elegance throught the sea , guided by a golden compass that leads you to a hidden treasure that lies on a garden of roses . The brand is guided by creating unique pieces , creating a sensation of seeking your own adventure , creating your own story where the elegance , the most little details and the finishes are that compass which guides you on the road where lies your goal"
Public Target : Those people that have taste for gothic , classic , pirate and steampunk
Facebook : Golden Windrose

KuiKui Accesories :

Foundation : 21st of september of 2010
Designer : Andreina Cárdenas
Category : Accesories
Concept : KuiKui Accesories is a shop dedicated on designing various types of accesories that are kawaii , freaks , and sweet lolita . The accesories that are created are necklaces , wristbands , earrings , rings , key chains , purses , hair accesories , and others .
Public Target : People with sweet lolita taste .
Facebook : KuiKui Accesories

Le Lapin Blanc

Foundation : 28th of August of 2014
Designer : Maria Lemus
Category : Clothes and accesories
Concept : The white bunny of Alice in Wonderland is the metaphor that uses Le Lapin Blanc for honoring its main origin of inspiration : from the renascence to the 50's , passing throught the baroque , the neoclassicism and the Belle Époque , Le Lapinc Blanc tries to reflect on each colection part of the vast history of humanity either is the work of many people , or the achievements of an only person , in a series of pieces it is expected to be part of the customer's heart .
Public Target : People with tastes for Gothic Lolita , Classic Lolita , somber personalities , with class and lovers of season clothing (victorian , rococo , baroque , and so others)
Facebook : Le Lapin Blanc

Zashiki Store :

Foundation : 16th of September of 2011
Designer : Rebeca Parra
Category : Accesories.
Concept : Kawaii.
Public Target : People with taste for sweet lolita , casual lolita and decora lolita.
Facebook : Zashiki

Home page : Red Fairy

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