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Fashion Show : Show me Your Fantasy World .

Show me your fantasy world:

   "This name was chosen because of the purpose of showing the creativity of each lolita when they create a topic for their coords , their favorite fantasy world." - by Isabel La Rosa Administrator of El Palacio de Las Orquídeas .

   On the 21st of November 2014 , our community of "El Palacio de las Orquídeas" showed on Caracas Comic Con's stage a fashion show , that not only included modeling , but also a section where you can answer the public's question and doubts about the lolita fashion which Elbereth Rojas (Beri-chan) a beautiful lolita of our community was in charge of the answers , and so she did a great job not only as our representative for the event but also being part of the community's stand .

  Caracas Comic Con was always a Convention focused on literature like Hunger Games and Harry Potter , Comics like Marvel and DC ; and Anime&Manga like pokemon , death note , etc. This time in 2014 it decided to include something unknown by many people in my country (Venezuela) which is Lolita , and myself was able to for the first time participate not only as a Lolita but also as a Spoke Model of a Venezuelan Brand : Bal Des Ifs (if you want to know more about these brands I will put a link at the end of this post) . This Fashion Show as I said before was created with great effort by our community , and so it turned out great ! not only we were able to spread the lolita fashion in the show but also we were able to meet different people , another important thing of this event is that we were able to learn from the mistakes made so that in the near future we won't do it again . Here I will post some photos of the event :

Name of the lolitas and by what was the coord inspired by from left to right : Elbereth Rojas (Tarot Card : Sun) ,Ana Chen ( Ilustration of Interview with the vampire by Anne Rice : Claudia) , Givana Rivas ( Sweet Lolita),Nathalie Barragan (Sandman) ,  Adriana Guevara (Captain Nemo) ,Betzabeth Telle (the witch of Hansel&Gretel), Glorybeth Rivas ( Gothic Lolita), Maria Lemus(Tarot Card:Temperance) , Miya (Piano&the cats) , Ariani Azuaje (Classic Lolita), May Moreno (Wa Lolita).

More Photos:



Photos of the stand :

Accessories of : Zashiki Store , Moza Kawaii , Bloody Mary Accesories , Golden Windrose .

Lolita Brands of Venezuela : Brands.

Home Page : Red Fairy

Individual photos from the event : Photos

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