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Big Hero 6

  Hello Fairies & Spirits ! How have you been ? , today  I went to see BIG HERO 6 3D in Cinex Tolón , it was AWESOME ! , I really loved it , if you are looking for a badass , overlycute , fights , emotional and with a good plot movie you are 100% recommended to watch BIG HERO 6 . FOR THOSE WHO ARE GOING TO SEE IT AND NOT WANT SPOILERS PLEASE DO NOT READ .

  I know this post is not oriented to something lolita like , but I would like to variate things and share part of my likes with you , so that you can see me different and not someone who's just focused on the Lolita life style .

  Today I went to see it with my friends Irene , Ramón , Grecia , David , Jean Carlos , Ramon and Irene's father and Juan Pablo , their reactions were possitive toward the movie , and so my feedback will be . At first Irene and I were in dissagreement with the scenery and the ambientation of the movie which was a mix of San Francisco from USA and Tokyo from Japan ,still I love the fact that they were so creative with the city's name ; the designs of the characters were good but still if you notice they are similar or almost the same as previous movies in CGI of Disney (I don't know if you feel the same but the face of GOGO TOMAGO looked a lot like Elsa's face from FROZEN)  .

  The plot was REALLY amazing , I cried twice in the movie (which is difficult because I had only cried like 2-3 times because or a movie or serie), and BAYMAX really is my heroe , I really enjoyed it , they are not so childish like , because they actually reflected the complexity of the characters as Hiro the main character lost his brother . A part that I LOVED and still LOVE is that the movie was not the "always happy ending" , it ended greatly but still as I said before it takes great lost to make a hero born .

   Something I would like to comment is that their facial expression (the character's facial expesion) were actually very good , they were really well done ! , specially the facial expression of Hiro , and so I have really to make special focus is on the cuteness of BAYMAX it was the most adorable thing you could EVER imagine in your whole life ! , is a really warm and cute character which always makes the moments sweet and also sad .

  So for my final opinion , I would really say that it was one of the best movies I've ever seen in my whole life despite the fact of some little things that I didn't like much but still the fact that the plot was good , the characters and how excited I was while seeing it I would really rate it 9.5/10 .

Here another photo of Big Hero 6 :

From Left to right : Fred , GOGO Tamago , Baymax , Hiro , HoneyLemon , Wasabi.

Also I would like to share a photo of how
I was dressed I know is not something lolita but I would like to variate things sometimes.

Dress : New Bell
Bag : Sy&Co
Shirt :Guang Hua
Boots : SoloChicas

Question of the post : ¿Which move have you watched recently and how was it?

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