jueves, 27 de noviembre de 2014


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  Hello ! , this post will be about a reinterpretation of a fairy tail book that I have read years ago and left in China unfortunately ... but it is the same structure . However I shall confess that most of the text is created by me , I hope that you really like it ~ here we go !

  Introduction :

  Magic and nature , have you ever thought of this combination ? .

  This fairy tale will be about stories of fairies of different color , and each color represent an ability , and of course these abilities will define their lifes , it does not have a description of each fairy , at first I was thinking about just making a library of fairies , but then I got more excited to talk about the story of each one , so I added personality to each one , I hope that you can enjoy these mini stories .

Stories :

-Yellow Fairy.
-Celestial Fairy.
-Red Fairy.
-Dark&White Fairy.
-Pink Fairy.
-Blue Fairy.
-Violet Fairy.
-Orange Fairy.
-Green Fairy.
-Gray Fairy.
-Brown Fairy.

  I will make an explanation of some definitions in "Fairies&Colors Library"

domingo, 9 de noviembre de 2014

Red Fairy

Hello everyone !
   My name is Ana , some people call me : Asuka .

   This blog will be about my lolita style and the lolita fashion in general , as said in the description .

   First of all readers of all around the world , let me explain what lolita is in general : Lolita is a subculture that has its origins in Japan , it mixes nowadays culture with the aristocratic dressing in past centuries , they are inspired mainly by these eras : Victorian and Roccoco .Also these are sometimes inspired by the Baroque era and the Edwardian era.

  Now I would like to talk a little bit about my first experience dressing as a lolita . First of all in my country which is Venezuela it doesn't exist any store that could sell these kind of clothes , so those lolitas that live in here , buy their dresses online abroad. I and my family have no dollars so I could not have the luxe to try a lolita dress , then being on a group of lolitas in my country on facebook , I discovered the Indie lolita brands in Venezuela that actually , with their sewing abilities they let me to wear for my first time in my life a lolita dress . I loved the result of the beautiful dress , it actually let me imagine that either I felt I was in a fairy tale or part of the XVIII century Europe . Here are some photos of the result :

  These photos were taken on the 12th of October of 2014 at PDVSA La Estancia in Caracas , Venezuela by Juan Marco Uztariz a Dandy* member of the lolita group in Venezuela which name of the group is "El palacio de las orquideas".

  By the way , the name of this blog " The world of the red fairy" , the red fairy is me . Red because is my favorite color , and fairy because my red graduation dress made me resemble a fairy.

I really hope you liked my first post , if you can help me to improve my blog please do , I will really appreciate it ^^

*Dandy and kodona are the male part of the lolita fashion .  It isn't necessarily designed only for male , female can also wear it .